Why Choose Bartholomews?

12 reasons why you should choose BSD

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130 Years' Experience

The Bartholomews Group has been involved in the handling, storage and transportation of goods for over 130 years. It was the expertise gleaned from this extensive history that led us to set up Bartholomews Specialist Distribution in 1978 to work in partnership with our customers.
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Room for Growth

With a storage capacity of over 10,000 pallet spaces, Bartholomews offers a flexible and scalable solution to their customers. This gives Bartholomews the ability to grow and adapt their services in line with their customers' growth and changing requirements.
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Financially Strong

With Group net assets of close to £20m, you can have confidence Bartholomews is based on a very sound financial footing – a key consideration in choosing any potential partner.

Stock Control

Bartholomews’ warehouse management system, Microsoft Dynamics AX, provides powerful stock control functionality, traceability and scalability, as well as automated reporting and the ability to handle FIFO (first in first out) and FEFO (first expired first out).
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A 24-hour working operation, five days a week, provides Bartholomews with additional flexibility and resources to react at short notice to the requirements of the retail industry and the consequent pressure on customers.
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End to End

In combination with our sister company, Churchill Freight Services, and partnerships with select freight forwarders and delivery agents, Bartholomews can provide a full end-to-end solution.
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Proven Advice

Being a family-owned and independent company, the Directors and management of Bartholomews can closely oversee the requirements of their customers.
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UK Retail Industry

Bartholomews has many years of experience preparing shipments and delivering in compliance with the specifications of all the major retailers.
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Range of Industries

Bartholomews has a broad range of experience gained from working with customers in many different sectors including grocery, medical, audio and retail.
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Ancillary Work

Bartholomews is highly experienced at undertaking assembly work, quality control work, packing, relabelling and quality control sortations.
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Hands On

The Directors and management take a very ‘hands on’ approach to logistics and ensure that the commitments made to customers are followed through at all levels of the business.
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Bartholomews know that the most successful partnerships are when the company and the customer are an excellent fit for each other and identifying this comes through gaining a deep understanding of our customers' requirements.